For our special day together, Chris took us camping. Without thinking, we accepted his invitation, one look at his sexy body and we were ready to go anywhere! Sight of him preparing the blanket to lie down made us all have wild thoughts of what will happen next – and it did. Chris got our fulll attention as soon as he removed his shirt, showing us his gorgeus abs and chest,  and we were dying to see more. It didn't take him much time to strip completly nude in front of us, and as soon as he did, his nice big cock sprung to full size in front of us. We really hope to go camping with hot Chris a lot more.
What can be said about Danny other than he is the most handsome young man I've seen in a long time? During our interview he was a bit quiet, seemed almost shy.. but once he started to undress, he took full control of the situation. With each part of clothes he removed, temperature in the room became five degrees higher. If I didn't know better I'd swear he knew we will go completely crazy looking at that beautiful body and big cock of his. We simply love our Danny.
Jeremiah stepped in our studio and said he wanted to show us something. He had that cute boy smile, we couldn't say no. Stripping down, he showed us his strong muscles and his hard cock practicly jumped out of trousers. After showing us all beautiful parts of his sexy body.. he stopped, and asked us if we want to see something wild. Sight was overwhelming, he slowly bended over his cock.. and started sucking it! First gently licking the tip, then swallowing the whole head. When he came, he licked his fat hard cock and smiled at us. Sexy Jeremiah sure has some incredibly hot and sexy skills.
When Shane came to my house for a short visit, I was stunned to see how hot he looked from the moment he appeared in my doorway. We talked for hours, and at the end he finally confesed he did had some experience with boys, and that he loved it. Evening time, he told me he wants to repay me for my generousity.. and he definetly did. He led me to the bathroom and slowly started stripping in front of me, showing me that great ass of his, and what a great cock he has. His body is crazy hot with cutest boy size muscles I ever saw. It sure was a great night with him, hopefully he'll come again.
Hot muscled twink Jack lying down in my living room. Is there anything sexier that you could imagine? He started to display his strong physique, flexing his hot muscles and changing positions on my floor, bringing everyone in the state of wild arousal. The moment he removed his pants, the room was completly silent.. everyone wanted to see that hot boys gorgeus cock. A silent moan was heard once he took it out of his boxers and started playing with himself. I bet everyone in the room wanted to help him out. From now on, I'll try to invite hot Jack to my apartment whenever I get the chance.
I hired this young man to paint my walls last week, and from the moment he appeared in his working clothes, I was getting hard just by looking at him. Observing him painting walls, bending over and fully stretching up again was like a personal strip show in my own home. When he noticed me looking closely at him, he asked me if he may remove his stained clothes.. and I said yes without any further thinking. With each piece of clothes he removed, more carefuly was I watching. I'm sure he noticed it as well, and he started to get really daring and showed me his thick cock and posed for me fully nude. I could tell he liked it as much as I did, and I will definetly hire him again, most probably very, very soon.
Tall, sexy, young. Those were the words Sebastian described himself before coming to our studio, and he was definetly that and even more! His gorgeus body posing for us and showing every corner of his private areas was simply overwhelming. He had that hot boy smile and immature behaviour, and I believe those two things made as all even more aroused. Watching him play with his sexy cock and cum made us fall completely in love with him and his hot hard body.
One day, Spike was helping me around at the studio, and as moments passed, we were left completely alone there. I noticed how curious he was, asking a bunch of questions about boys that we shoot here and how he would love to be a model one day. Without much words, I took my camera and told him that we can make it happen right now. He was happy like a little boy and instantly started to show me all of his hot body. Thrill when he reached his cock and started stroking it was indescribable, he came all over himself and gave me a satisfied smile. I sure hope he'll stay around more.
Kolan is one of my favourite boys of all time. He has such a playful and sexy character, and one of the most incredible twink bodies of all times. Skinny physique, soft skin and a beautiful ass. When I came over to his apartment he was in a middle of a shower, so I decided to wait for him. To my suprise, he called me to hand him a towel. All I can say is he definetly isn't shy, not even a bit. As I looked at him, he got all horny and started to jerk off that cute boy cock of his, right in front of me. Yes, thats why I like sexy boy Kolan so much, and I'll try to visit him whenever I have the chance.
I went for a long walk with Ondrej in a local park, near my aparment. We talked about bunch of things, and he managed to tell me just loves being naked outdoors. One quick look around as and I noticed we're pretty much all alone there, with no one to bother us.. so I told him to feel free and do whatever he likes. All I can say is that this was one of the most exciting walks in the park I could ever imagine.. this boy had a great body and when he started to jerk off while standing completely naked in the park, I tought we were in heaven. We definetly hope to see hot sexy Ondrej again sometimes.